Monday, January 2, 2012

Dehumidifier recall info from Home Depot, Lowes

Dehumidifier recall information can be found online. Home depot information on product can be found here Home Depot dehumidifier recall info
Lowe's information on product can be found here Lowes dehumidifier recall info

So how do you know if there has been a recall issued for your dehumidifier ? You may want to start by looking on the manufacturers home page. Many dehumidifiers are recalled, for various reasons. The underlying reason in most cases, is that the dehumidifier is poorly constructed, and never meant to be subjected to the harsh, humid environments that most basements and crawl spaces present. Most dehumidifiers simply cannot keep up with the demand. They work at 100% of capacity most of the time, and they freeze up, and expire prematurely.

Horizon dehumidifiers are the best on the market today. High efficiency, high capacity, low temp operation. 4000 SF capacity make Horizon Dehumidifiers the #1 choice.

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This is proven, by the fact that many people, like yourself, are searching for recall information on their dehumidifier. With the demand placed on many dehumidifiers being so high, this also creates much higher electric costs for the machine to run. It just doesn't make sense to purchase a cheap unit, when it won't operate correctly, freezes up, and sucks more electric for it to run. There's no wonder why so many dehumidifiers are recalled.

You could keep spending the $300 every year with store bought dehumidifiers that  go bad, or you could purchase a dehumidifier that is rugged, efficient, and made to handle the humid conditions in your home. Don't keep wasting your money on these mass produced, box store dehumidifiers. I know they are cheap, but remember the main reason you purchase a dehumidifier is that you actually want to control the humidity in your basement or crawl space. This is where many dehumidifiers fall short of the goal.

If you are looking for a better dehumidifier, you need to check out Horizon Dehumidifiers. Horizon has been an industry leader, and has wonderful solutions for dehumidification. From a 3500 SF crawl space unit that operates down to 33 degrees without freeze up, to their 3000 SF whole house dehumidifier. Horizon is the #1 rated dehumidifier for energy star ratings, when compared to other dehumidifiers.

With Energy Star ratings, low temp operation, large capacity, low power consumption, powerful air circulation, and hot gas defrost, Horizon Dehumidifiers are simply the best dehumidifier made, plain and simple. We offer free shipping to the US lower 48.

Call Jim Raifsnider at 717-940-9029 for more details.

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